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World champion big wave surfer stays with friends at Creando Olas


All photos by Thayer Gowdy


la saladita_3/11 thayercannonball thayerfood thayerfrontgate thayergirl  thayerhorses thayerhouse thayerhousefront thayerpoolsplash

I’m in heaven!! Casa Creando Olas is just magnificent. Without a doubt, the best design I have seen in this area. The “no windows” allows you to experience this outrageous setting to the fullest!!! I am forever spoiled and will enjoy every single second that I’m here! Today was sooo good with some head high sets. Tomorrow is supposed to be bigger and last a few days so we couldn’t be happier.  Poli and Augustina have been great. The food is wonderful as you said.  We love our room, the beds are terrific and we’re sleeping like logs. It simply doesn’t get any better than this!

Thank you Mike!!!

Linda B.

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