California surf shop owner

Hey Michael! Everything is wonderful!!

Thanks so much for having us here! The whole crew is super thankful and really love the house. It’s amazing! Did your wife design it? It’s the perfect design for the location! Sleeping in the open air is incredible too…I forgot how cool it gets at night! Perfect sleeping weather!  We would like to leave you a couple of longboards here if that’s okay. They’re perfect for the point! Auggie and Poli are two of the sweetest people on the earth! And forget about her cooking…oh my god! Its heaven on earth down here!  Thanks again for this Michael for this unforgettable trip!


John, Mollusk surf shop

Happy surfer

Shortboarder at dusk

Shortboarder at dusk

Hi Mike – The house was incredible. Left this AM – Auggie did four dinners. It was the nicest place we have been in forever we will be back – my wife loved it… food was outrageous. Surfing everyday still – now go right out to the point.  Thanks again and again and again and again.

California couple stays at Creando Olas

photo by Thayer Gowdy

photo by Thayer Gowdy

We are alive and well and living the good life as you can imagine.The house is amazing. The photos on the internet just don’t do it justice. Zeb, Johnny, Christian and Wes have taken my husband under their wing. They have become surfing buddies, heading out each day at the crack of dawn only to return at 2pm for one of Augustina’s lovingly prepared meals.  We are having a blast. My husband is already planning his next trip back and we still have 3 more days here before we head to Patzcuaro.  Poli and Augustina are the best… Beautiful people with wonderfully gracious spirits… and the food is always spectacular. You’ve created a little nirvana at the edge of the ocean. Thank you for allowing us to partake.

Connecticut family spends Christmas at Creando Olas



Casa Creando Olas is pure brilliance! Your home is a fine accomplishment in style and authenticity. Saladita tops the charts for relaxation, surf & Scrabble! My daughter may have said it best – “It is a bit unnerving as there is nothing to complain about!”  Truly a memorable experience for all of us.


World champion big wave surfer stays with friends at Creando Olas


All photos by Thayer Gowdy


la saladita_3/11 thayercannonball thayerfood thayerfrontgate thayergirl  thayerhorses thayerhouse thayerhousefront thayerpoolsplash

I’m in heaven!! Casa Creando Olas is just magnificent. Without a doubt, the best design I have seen in this area. The “no windows” allows you to experience this outrageous setting to the fullest!!! I am forever spoiled and will enjoy every single second that I’m here! Today was sooo good with some head high sets. Tomorrow is supposed to be bigger and last a few days so we couldn’t be happier.  Poli and Augustina have been great. The food is wonderful as you said.  We love our room, the beds are terrific and we’re sleeping like logs. It simply doesn’t get any better than this!

Thank you Mike!!!

Linda B.

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