Things to do

La Saladita is known for world-class surfing, and so attracts surfers from all over the world to its beautiful beaches, warm water and consistent left hand break. But surfing is not all there is to do.

  • Horseback riding: Poli will arrange for horses to be brought to the house
  • Yoga classes at Present Moment Retreat in Troncones
  • Tennis and golf in Ixtapa
  • Fishing : either from shore or go out with a local fishing boat
  • Kite boarding, boogeyboarding, snorkeling
  • Turtle and whale watching

There are some great restaurants in Troncones (about 8 miles south). Our favorites are…

  • Costa Brava for shrimp fajitas
  • Cafe del Sol for great sandwiches; fish tacos for light dinners
  • Roberto’s Bistro to see the release of the baby turtles on the beach and then enjoy great fajitas and local music

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