Newspaper Reporter Escapes NYC With His Family

DSC_0880.JPGHoly cow! We expected the house to be beautiful — but we had no idea. Truly amazing. We walked around speechless for the first few hours. Augustina and Poli have been so kind and helpful and wonderful. The surf looks picture-perfect — and big!  We’ve been enjoying the pool and will probably hit the beach later today or tomorrow. Will send you a report. Poolside room is perfect. AC was a nice option last night. Master bedroom is so stunning; we’ll have to check that out on our next trip!

Happy surfer

Shortboarder at dusk

Shortboarder at dusk

Hi Mike – The house was incredible. Left this AM – Auggie did four dinners. It was the nicest place we have been in forever we will be back – my wife loved it… food was outrageous. Surfing everyday still – now go right out to the point.  Thanks again and again and again and again.

Connecticut family spends Christmas at Creando Olas



Casa Creando Olas is pure brilliance! Your home is a fine accomplishment in style and authenticity. Saladita tops the charts for relaxation, surf & Scrabble! My daughter may have said it best – “It is a bit unnerving as there is nothing to complain about!”  Truly a memorable experience for all of us.


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